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"All Natural" False Flag Disasters

Love this article by Zen Gardner. Hindsight is, indeed, 20-20 vision.

The New Era of "All Natural" False Flag Disasters

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 1:22

Disclosed nuclear power plants, with a seismic hazard overlay. (Image)
by Zen Gardner

On 9/11 the premise for explaining the dramatic ritual that unfolded before the world was that steel structures can collapse into dust from jet fuel fires. Never before has a steel structure collapsed from any kind of fire nor has one since, yet that day 3 huge buildings dropped like rocks into their own footprints--one, building 7 that didn't come down till the afternoon, did it even without jet fuel.
No problem. Buildings fall from fire. We get it.
And the whole world fell for it...or was forced to.

Enter the Nuclear Factor

Nuclear reactors have never before been destroyed or triggered into a mega crisis by floods. Now we have several incidents under way in Japan, with a threat to two more in Nebraska right on their heels. (We'll get to the fire.)
Easier to swallow now, isn't it? That's how you do it--set a spectacular precedent, then run with it.
BTW, you say the tsunami was an exception? Why was their back up generator put in the basement? Why are there so many questions surrounding faulty construction, strange equipment malfunctions and explosions at the reactors?
Yet the world believes it was "all natural"...despite the strangeness, nonsequiturs and news blackout.

Open the Spigot

No go on to explain why the US Army Corps of Engineers and all their resources deliberately flood massive areas near these Nebraska nuclear facilities, but don't have enough foresight to protect one simple compound housing a massive nuclear arsenal?...never mind the problems incurred at the Cooper reactor downriver in Iowa?
Oh, they put up a rubber berm balloon, but oops, there was an "accident".
And the world swallows it again. After all, floods trigger reactors, we get it.!/image/2213818466.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_295/2213818466.jpg

Then Why Not Fires, Too?

Now let's go to Los Alamos. The area has been hit by wildfires before, yet they've kept the largest stockpile of nukes in the country sitting next to the rest of their nuclear research facilities. And in what? Frikking canvas buildings!
Don't worry, it's a "natural disaster". Just like the others. Nothing to wonder about, back to s(h)leep people.

Ooops...Might Have An 'Accident' Here.....

This is a perfect illustration. The PTBs don't even give things a chance of not happening. They don't even take the chance that the mouse won't take the cheese---they'll lower him on to the trap if they have to.
Same with today's world. Put reactors in the way of hazards, irradiate people for "safety", produce junk food, bad drugs, GMO crops and poison the air and water...and what do you know? Sick and dying people. "Guess this crippled country will be ready to join the new world order after all, eh Mr. Rothschild?"
They'll say it was just an accident once found out, they always do.
We know better.

Anything make sense to you?

Well, we don't find out the insanity of how they've laid things out to be just ripe for disaster until something like this happens, then it's too late. The government also claimed they had no idea airplanes could be used as weapons to hit the twin towers and the other targets. Right.
But that small stuff's just buffering. You have to protect your big lie with lots of smaller ones. The 9/11 discussion was quickly diverted to "Who did this to us?" Watch out for the distractions.
That kerosene can't melt steel, never mind pulverize thousands of tons of concrete, fixtures and office furniture, and then vaporize thousands of people scattering microscopic bone fragments several blocks away isn't important. "We saw those planes and THEY did it! Get them!"

And Now "The Natural Way"

They've done it before and they know they can do it again. All you need is a BIG ENOUGH LIE. Fukushima was BIG....VERY big. It still doesn't add up that buildings were barely damaged in the region yet a tsunami of unprecedented magnitude could be generated like that. Look that one up.
Check this story from an Israeli newspaper. Dead giveaway of this natural disaster conditioning.
Los Alamos National Laboratory is indelibly etched in historical memory as the hatching site of the Manhattan Project, the effort which created the first atomic bomb. The world's largest nuclear weapons arsenal is still located there. Now a raging wildfire has forced the evacuation of the surrounding town of Los Alamos (population 12,000)..
Given the recent Japanese disaster at Fukushima, the fear of course is that a natural disaster can morph into a nuclear one. Source
Of course, the instilled fear and assumption this is "all natural" morphing now. Brainwash, rinse, repeat.

A Decades Old Recipe for Disaster

Not only are reactors perched in precarious geological zones, many of them are running over capacity, and are overdue for maintenance and/or were scheduled to have been replaced years ago. Talk about a recipe for disaster.
What were they thinking? Or were they.
This from AP on June 27:
More than 90 of the nation's 104 operating reactors have been allowed to run at higher power levels for many years, raising the radiation risk in a major accident. In an ongoing investigative series, the AP has reported that aging plants, their lives extended by industry and regulators, are prone to breakdowns that could lead to accidents.
And because the federal government has failed to find a location for permanent storage of spent fuel, thousands of tons of highly radioactive used reactor rods are kept in pools onsite and more is stored there all the time.

Who Needs A Nuclear Attack?

Looks like this country was mined for disaster 50 years ago. All it took was a Fukushima to start the ball rolling, giving the impression "natural events" are triggering these nuclear disasters. Suddenly, we have a flood threatening two reactors in the midwest, and a massive fire threatening a seemingly stacked nuclear dump in Los Alamos.
Sorry, this is all too pat.


The Japan earthquake leading to a nuclear emergency gives a perfect cover to the general populace. The fact that suddenly a similar submerging of pumps and fuel rod holding tanks happens right in its wake therefore is digestible to most. Same with the fire. They're jamming this false conditioning into our heads.
A lot of us were thinking they might try a mini-nuke in a US or European city as the next false flag. Looks like the Japan experiment was successful so they've utilized their geoengineering technology to continue the job, using their atmospheric heaters to trigger earthquakes and steer violent weather into volatile areas.
And now you don't even need terrorists to blame--you can blame nature. Apparently the PTBs think they've got a pretty good grip on her.
We'll see about that.
Made you laugh, didn't it?! Good, we need to relax, this stuff can get overwhelming.
But don't worry, they can't win, just make a mess of things for awhile until the new wave of consciousness takes over.
And oh how they're afraid of it!
Keep raising your consciousness levels and that of those around you - it's working!

Love, Zen

Paul Craig Roberts on the Libyan War & US Hegemony

US To Recoup Libya Oil From China

Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of US Treasury, and former editor of The Wall Street Journal

Interviews with Max Keiser - Monday, July 04, 2011 6:11


What is going on is comparable to what the US and Britain did to Japan in the 1930s. When they cut Japan off from oil, from rubber, from minerals like ore; that was the origin of World War II in the pacific

 Press TV interview from April 16, 2011
Press TV has interviewed Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of US Treasury, from Panama City, who gives his insight on the revolution in Libya and why US President Barack Obama needs to overthrow Qaddafi when no other US presidents did.
Press TV original article here 


Press TV: Russia has criticized NATO for going far beyond its UN mandate. In other news a joint Op Ed is going to be written by Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy who have said that “leaving Qaddafi in power would be an unconscionable betrayal to the Libyan people”.
We do know that the mandate does not call for regime change; the Obama administration has been saying they are not in there for regime change; but things seem a little different now don’t they?

Roberts: Yes they do. First of all, notice that the protests in Libya are different from the ones in Egypt or Yemen or Bahrain or Tunisia and the difference is that this is an armed rebellion.
There are more differences: another is that these protests originated in the eastern part of Libya where the oil is – they did not originate in the capital cities. And we have heard from the beginning, credible reports that the CIA is involved in the protests and there have been a large number of press reports that the CIA has sent back to Libya its Libyan asset to head up the Libyan rebellion.
In my opinion, what this is about is to eliminate China from the Mediterranean. China has extensive energy investments and construction investments in Libya. They are looking to Africa as a future energy source.
The US is countering this by organizing the United States African Command (USAC), which Qaddafi refused to join. So that’s the second reason for the Americans to want Qaddafi out.
And the third reason is that Libya controls part of the Mediterranean coast and it’s not in American hands.

Press TV: Who are the revolutionaries. The US say they don’t know who they’re dealing with, but considering the CIA is on the ground in contact with revolutionaries – Who are the people under whom Libya will function in any post-Qaddafi era?

Roberts: Whether or not Libya functions under revolutionaries depends if the CIA wins – we don’t know that yet. As you said earlier, the UN resolution puts constraints on what the European and American forces can achieve in Libya. They can have a no fly zone, but they are not supposed to be in there fighting together with the rebels.
But of course the CIA is. So we do have these violations of the UN resolution. If NATO, which is now the cover for the world community, succeeds in overthrowing Qaddafi the next target will be Syria because Syria has already been demonized.
Why are they targeting Syria? – Because the Russians have a very large naval base in Syria. And it gives the Russian navy a presence in the Mediterranean; the US and NATO do not want that. If there is success in overthrowing Qaddafi, Syria is next.
Already, they are blaming Iran for Syria and Libya. Iran is a major target because it is an independent state that is not a puppet of the Western colonialists.

Press TV: With regards to the expansionist agenda of the West, when the UN mandate on Libya was debated in the UN Security Council, Russia did not veto it. Surely Russia must see this expansionist policy of the US, France and Britain.

Roberts: Yes they must see that; and the same for China. It’s a much greater threat to China because it has 50 major investment projects in eastern Libya. So the question is why did Russia and China abstain rather than veto and block? We don’t know the answer.
Possibly the countries are thinking let the Americans get further over extended or they may not have wanted to confront them with a military or diplomatic position and have an onslaught of Western propaganda against them. We don’t know the reasons, but we know they did abstain because they did not agree with the policy and they continue to criticize it.

Press TV: A sizeable portion of Qaddafi’s assets have been frozen in the US as well as some other countries. We also know that the Libyan revolutionaries have set up a central bank and that they have started limited production of oil and they are dealing with American and other Western firms. It begs the question that we’ve never seen something like this happen in the middle of a revolution. Don’t you find that bizarre?

Roberts: Yes it’s very bizarre and very suggestive. It brings back the fact of all the reports that the CIA is the originator of this so-called revolt and protest and is fomenting it and controlling it in a way that excludes China from its own Libyan oil investments.
In my opinion, what is going on is comparable to what the US and Britain did to Japan in the 1930s. When they cut Japan off from oil, from rubber, from minerals like ore; that was the origin of World War II in the pacific. And now the Americans and the British are doing the same thing to China.
The difference is that China has nuclear weapons and it also has a stronger economy than do the Americans. And so the Americans are taking a very high risk not only with themselves, but with the rest of the world. The entire world is now at stake on American over-reach; American huberus – the drive for American hegemony over the world is driving the rest of the world into a World War.

Press TV: In the context of America’s expansionist policies, how far do you think the US will stretch beyond the UN mandate? Are we going to see boots on the ground?

Roberts: Most likely – unless they can find some way of defeating Qaddafi without that. Ever since we’ve had Bill Clinton, George W Bush and now Obama, what we’ve learned is law means nothing to the executive branch in the US. They don’t obey our own laws; they don’t obey international law; they violate all the civil liberties and buried the principal of habeas corpus – no crime without intent; of the ability for a defendant to be legally represented.
They don’t pay any attention to law so they’re not going to pay any attention to the UN. The UN is an American puppet organization and they will use it as a cover. So yes if they cannot run Qaddafi out they will put troops on the ground – that’s why we have the French and the British involved. We’re using the French elsewhere in Africa also; we use the British in Afghanistan – they’re puppets.
These countries are not independent. Sarkozy doesn’t report to the French people – he reports to Washington. The British PM doesn’t report to the English people he reports to Washington. These are puppet rulers of an empire; they have nothing to do with their own people and we put them in office.

Press TV: So these other countries would welcome having NATO troops on the ground?

Roberts: Of course. They are in the CIAs pocket. It’s a CIA operation, not a legitimate protest of the Libyan people. It’s an armed rebellion that has no support in the capital city. It’s taking place in the east where the oil is and is directed at China.

Press TV: Where do you see the situation headed? There seems to be a rift between NATO countries with Britain and France wanting to increase the momentum of these air strikes, but the US saying no, there is no need.

Roberts: The rift is not real. The rift is just part of the cover, just part of the propaganda. Qaddafi has been ruling for 40 years – he goes back to Gamal Abdel Nasser (before Anwar Sadat) who wanted to give independence to Egypt.
He (Qaddafi) was never before called a brutal dictator that has to be removed. No other president has ever said Qaddafi has to go. Not even Ronald Reagan who actually bombed Qaddafi’s compound and tried to kill him. But all of a sudden he has to go. Why?
Because he’s blocking the US African Command, he controls part of the Mediterranean and he has let China in to find its energy needs for the future. We (the US) are trying to cripple our main rival, China by denying it energy. That’s what this is really about; a reaction by the US.
If the US was concerned about humanitarianism, it wouldn’t be killing all these people in Afghanistan and Pakistan with their drones and military strikes. Almost always it’s civilians that are killed. And the US is reluctant to issue apologies about any of it. They say we thought we were killing Taliban or some other made-up enemy.

Press TV: Who will benefit from all of this other than the US? The other countries that comply with US wishes- What do they stand to gain from this?

Roberts: We are only talking about NATO countries, the American puppet states. Britain, France, Italy, Germany, all belong to the American empire. We’ve had troops stationed in Germany since 1945. You’re talking about 66 years of American occupation of Germany. The Americans have military bases in Italy – how is that an independent country? France was somewhat independent until we put Sarkozy in power. So they all do what they’re told.

America wants to rule Russia, China, Iran, and Africa, all of South America. They want hegemony over the world. That’s what the word hegemony means. And they will pursue it at all costs.